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Epoxy Resin Coated Fiberglass Mesh for Dry Transformer

  • LT-EFM
Epoxy fiberglass mesh is a kind of insulation material. it is braided by high strength non-alkali fiberglass, impregnating the epoxy resin mixture, then through high temperature curing process treatment. This product exhibits excellent electrical properties, good thermal resistance of F class as well as high mechanical properties at elevated operating temperatures.

 This Fiberglass Mesh is an excellent reinforcing material. It is widely used for electrical reinforcing insulation in transformers, reactors, and other electrical machines and appliances.

Technical Data:

Properties: Unit Test Value
Thermal class F grade(155)
Resin content % 12~20
Rate of sorption % ≤8
In bending load N ≥70
Tensile Strength N ≥4000(Thickness:2.0mm)
 breakdown voltage of along surface KV ≥18
Surface Insulation Resistance Ω ≥1×1013


Item Thickness(mm) Mesh Size (mm) Width(mm) Package
LT-0454 0.40±0.05 5×4 1000 100
LT-0654 0.60±0.1 5×4 1000 100
LT-1275 1.2±0.2 7×5 1200 50
LT-1554 1.5±0.2 5×4 1000 50
LT-1654 1.6±0.2 5×4 1000 50
LT-1954 2.0±0.2 5×4 1000/1200 50
LT-2098 2.0±0.2 9×8 1000/1200 50
LT-2454 2.4±0.3 5×4 1000 40
epoxy fiber glass mesh


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