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Magic Hair Roller Leverage


Easy, quick and flexible to use good curls Perfect for creating a gorgeous curl on and hair length

Operation steps:

1.Control the hair at 60%-70% of humidity of the zone

2.Make stick according to the shape that you want:

A. Count the stick with cirde that you want;

B. Select the stick flow direction of the veins;

C. Select the stick according to the different flowered shape size.

3.Select the liquid medicine and the time according to the hair: Colding perm time: Healthy hair 15-25 mins. Damaged hair 8-15 mins. 

4.Hotting perm time: Healthy hair 8-15 mins. Damaged hair 5-10 mins.
 Wash and clean the hair 

5.Dry the hair with tower after then fix the shape 8-15mins 

6.Remove the stick, washing hair and styling hair.


Printing Mini Box
1.Width: 22mm 

2.Length: 180mm+320mm 

3.18PCS/boxes( 9 PCS 180mm +9PCS 320mm+2PCS Hooks)

Clear Plastic Bag
1.Width: 22mm 

2.Length: 320mm or 550mm 

3.10PCS/bag(10 PCS 320mm+2PCS Hooks  or 10 PCS 550mm+2PCS Hooks)


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